National Association of English Learner Program Administrators

Standards and Assessment Committee

The NAELPA Standards and Assessments committee’s charge is to stay current on issues in these areas as they relate to English learners and communicate concerns and responses to developments. Standing members of the committee are appointed by Committee Chair. The committee meets monthly the week before the Executive Board Monthly Board Meeting.


Among the activities of the committee are the following:

1.  Post questions and information from all members.

2.  Post and distribute information, whether this is forwarded from an outside source, such as USED, or created by the council or committee leadership.

3. Provide a forum for exploring current issues and concerns. Current issues being addressed include peer review of ELP Assessments, ELD Standards alignment(s) with content standards and test items, and appropriate use of test results (see the Testing During COVID-19 Letter).

Because expertise in certain areas that the committee will address is so specialized and knowledge tends to be held by a few people and who those few people are is dependent on the issue, there is a need for a many members to participate and share their knowledge and skills. This can be though regularly attending committee meetings or only attending meetings of specific interest to the member. 


The Standards and Assessment Committee accepts all NAELPA members in good standing to join us. Please click the button below to sign up and participate in discussions and together we can reach a greater level of understanding of the current issues in the standards and assessments that impact English learners.

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