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​Family Engagement Videos

Family Engagement Videos available from NCELA:

Organizing Time and Space for Learning (English) (Somali) (Spanish)
Moving to virtual learning was a significant challenge for EL families during the pandemic. This short video was created to explain the importance of time and space for learning to occur and how to create such space for learners. This resource will also be of value for whatever the future holds for K12 education. Space and time for learning at home is critical.

Understanding Informal Assessment for Your Children (English) (Somali) (Spanish
Understanding Informal Assessment for your Children is part of the Educators and Families for English Learners (EFs4ELs) video series for families and provides information about how parents can understand and implement informal assessment with their children while they are at home during the mandated COVID-19 stay at home order. The video describes the difference between formal and informal assessment, and presents specific strategies that parents can use to assess children at home.