National Association of English Learner Program Administrators

Honorary Members

Honorary Membership is one of the three categories of NAELPA membership available, however, it is the only membership category that is awarded (not purchased). The NAELPA By-Laws indicate that "Honorary memberships are available to individuals who, by virtue of selection by the Executive Board, are awarded complimentary lifetime membership in recognition of their significant contributions to the NAELPA and/or the work of the organization."

In 2022, the NAELPA Executive Board, as a way to celebrate those awarded Honorary Membership, implemented an award called the Sustaining Contributions Award. Awardees are announced at the NAELPA Annual National Conference. The Membership Committee selects potential awardees and follows internal procedures when making these awards. The criteria used in nominating and selecting potential awardees includes the following:

      • Current or previous NAELPA executive board or committee participation,
      • Membership of at least 3 years, and
      • Evidence of contributions to the organization that have created lasting change or growth.
Honorary Member Year of Award
 Dr. David Holbrook
 Dr. Pedro Ruiz
Dr.  Mari Rasmussen