National Association of English Learner Program Administrators

NAELPA Contributes to Education Dive Article

04.11.20 07:20 PM By David_Holbrook

NAELPA President and Executive Director Interviewed for Education Dive Article

The NAELPA President, Megan Alubicki Flick, and Executive Director, David Holbrook, were included in interviews in the Education Dive article by Kara Arundel titled "Rubric for Recovery: ELs face more hurdles amid lost in-person learning". The article focuses on issues arising at the local education agency (LEA) level due to the lost in-person learning resulting from changes in the provision of educational services for ELs because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It outlines some of the challenges faced by ELs and EL educators and the efforts EL educators are making to overcome obstacles at the LEA level when providing educational services to ELs in a distance learning format.