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NAELPA to Host Webinar - Using ESSER Funds to Support ELs

08.08.21 06:26 PM By David_Holbrook - Comment(s)

NAELPA, in collaboration with NAESPA and other organizations, is hosting the webinar Using ESSER Funds To Support ELs. This webinar provides an overview of what ESSER funds are, the difference in their 'characteristics' from typical federal funding (e.g., non-recurring, no supplanting, distributed u...

USED Answers to NAELPA's Questions about English Language Proficiency Standards and Assessment Alignment

08.08.21 06:26 PM By David_Holbrook - Comment(s)

NAELPA has several active committees, one of which is the Standards and Assessment Committee. NAELPA members work in programs that serve multilingual learner students who are taught the English language based on their State's English language proficiency standards. Those students' English proficienc...

Using ESSER funds to Support ML Education

08.08.21 06:26 PM By David_Holbrook - Comment(s)

The U.S. Congress has passed several Coronavirus relief funding bills over the past year. Each of these bills include funding for K-12 education and each bill includes statements of how these funds are to be used. Those statements include explicit wording that these funds can be used to address the ...

NAELPA Signs on to Letter to USED About EL Proficiency Testing

15.01.21 11:14 PM By David_Holbrook - Comment(s)

The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law drafted a letter to the US Department of Education (USED) to request that the USED do three things. 

  1. Not to seek sanctions or other punitive measures "against any SEA or LEA for failing to administer English language proficiency tests to EL s...

NAELPA Contributes to Education Dive Article

04.11.20 07:20 PM By David_Holbrook - Comment(s)
The NAELPA President, Megan Alubicki Flick, and Executive Director, David Holbrook, were included in interviews in the Education Dive article by Kara Arundel titled "Rubric for Recovery: ELs face more hurdles amid lost in-person learning"